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Emmeta is a one-woman SEO + Digital Marketing business located in North County San Diego. I love working with other creative people, helping them bring in potential customers through improved internet exposure. Because SEO is always changing I am always researching and learning new methods for success. Emmeta has made it priority one to practice only ethical SEO techniques.


A Message from the Owner

I’m not just an entrepreneur, I’m a consumer. Whether I’m buying auto-insurance, a new laptop or a latte, I know there are three things that impact every purchase decision I make; need, value and service.

Need is the great motivator; the reason your customers come to you and the reason you found Emmeta. You may already recognize the validity of SEO and how it can improve your website’s ranking and ultimately, your bottom line. Even if the technical aspects are a little fuzzy, you know the internet can bring you more customers if you just had a little help.

Value is the sweet spot between cost and benefit. With digital marketing, results are everything. I understand that SEO consulting services are an investment and one that small businesses consider carefully before they commit. In this highly technical field I recognize that some of my competitors are taking advantage of their clients by overselling and charging outrageous fees. At Emmeta, it’s a matter of business ethics. I charge a fair price for great work that is tailored to your business goals. That’s what I would want. That’s value.

Service is what leaves you feeling good about our partnership. It’s a friendly face, a positive attitude and an assurance that your SEO needs are taken care of. I never take good service for granted.

Emmeta is a little different from other SEO companies. Most others will take on any job from anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, basic SEO can be done remotely, from anywhere. I choose to work with San Diego-based creative businesses specifically. This allows me to be there when you need to talk face-to-face. It lets me speak your language and really focus on your niche uncovering new opportunities specific to creative businesses. It also means, as a fellow San Diego resident and business owner, I too am invested in your success.


Warm regards,
Evelyn Mackenzie

Owner + Consultant for Emmeta Digital 

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