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How to Create a Facebook Page

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How is a Facebook Landing Page Different from a Facebook Account?

Evelyn Mackenzie, your SEO Sister here to talk to you today about how to create a Facebook Page for your small business or website.

Here we are on Facebook. I’m looking at the Rubios Facebook Page. You know it’s a Page because right here, at the top, it has a “like” button. You can’t “like” an account. You can like a Page; however, there is a difference.

A Facebook Page is different from a Facebook account. A Page represents a business, an organization or website specifically. You will need a standard Facebook account or a business account already to start your Facebook Page or you can begin creating your Facebook Page and go back later to create an account. Either way, you will need an account in order to set up a Facebook Page. At its simplest, it is a place where a business can put its logo and some information about it. If I click on “Info” you can see a section called “About”, it can show a mission statement, talk about its services, its hours of operation, and of course, its email and website information. Most importantly it is a place where fans of that business, organization, or website can come and publicly “like” it and can endorse it. They can do that either through your website, where you can place the “like” button or they can do it on your Facebook Page, where they can go in and say that they like your business.

Here is Rubios Page, one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants. I’m going to “like” them by hitting the button so you can see how that works. This is a pretty detailed example of a Page. They have their “Wall” where they can leave announcements and updates and where people can comment. They have their locations, general info, and a bunch of other things. Now you don’t have to have all this stuff on yours. If you don’t have a lot of time to put into your Facebook Page, that’s perfectly alright. You can make it as complicated or as simple as you want.

Create a Facebook Page for a Website or Blog

We’re going to go ahead an create a Facebook Page for, my blog. In order to do that, I am already logged in and I need to go to Facebook’s Page set-up area. In order to do that you can go to It’s going to bring to the “Create a Page” screen.

If you are a brick and mortar building or a small business with a  physical location, you can use this “Local Business or Place” form right here in the upper left. It will ask you to choose a category for what your business is about, then you can add in your address, your city and state and your phone number. SEO Sister isn’t a brick and mortar building, nor is it a company or organization. If you are a company or organization you can use the middle button, which is very similar, but doesn’t give you a place to put your physical address.

Since I’m doing this for my blog, I’m going to choose the button for “Brand or Product.” I’m going to select the category, “Website” and then I’m going to name my Page. In this case my “brand” or website is called, “SEO Sister.” I’m going to “Agree” to Facebook’s terms and then select, “Get Started.”

It’s going to bring me to this “Upload an Image” page where I can put a logo. I’m going to do that in a minute. I’m going to skip this for now. You can always go back and do this stuff later, so don’t be afraid to skip ahead. It’s going to ask me if I want to invite any friends or share my Page with. Again, I can do that later. I don’t have to worry about that now or at all if I choose not to. So I select “skip” and it takes me to step three, “Basic Info”, where it it is going to ask me for my website, which is very important since my Page is about my site. I’m going to enter in my website address. Then it gives me a little place here, for 255 characters, where I can put in an “About”. This is a place where I can put in a little blurb about my company or maybe a slogan. Again, I can add that later.

Then you get to the main page. It shows me in the corner. I am the “Admin.” This Page is tied to either my personal account or my business account. In this case, I have a personal account. Every Page has to have an Admin, which is usually going to be the business owner or whomever is handling the business’s website.

Here is a little information as to how the page is laid out. You’re going to get your notifications here, so if someone “likes” you a notification will pop up. Whenever someone leaves you a message, you can get notifications for that too. You can get some statistics or go into “Advertising” if you want to.

Over on the left, the “Get Started” button allows you to get going with some of the set-up options like adding an image. Let’s go ahead and add an image. I’m going to select the “Browse” button and select an image from my computer. Select the button… and there’s my logo. You can see that it changed it over here on the left.

You can see over here in the upper right is the “Edit Page” button. This is going to give you all the options you have. It’ll take you a little time to go through it but you can see all that there is.

There is “Permissions.” You can see that anyone, 13+ can view my website. In the “Wall” tab you can show “All Posts” or “Only Posts by the Page.” There are a lot of options in here.

If you go to “Basic Information” this is really helpful. This is one of the first things you’ll want to check out. I’m a “Website and Blog” so I’m going to want to change that in the “Category” tab. Now let’s see what my options are. “Computers and Internet,” that’s me. I can also select a “Community Page,” which is a Page that already exits and list that here, but I’m not going to that now. I can put in my “Release Date” which is the date I went live. For me that was 2011. Here’s that place where you can go back later and add information about your business, organization or website. You can do more detailed information in the “Description.” You can tout your awards and brag a little here. There is a place for your email address if you want people to be able to contact you. At the bottom is where your website address goes.

Once again, if you ever want to change you profile picture you can select, “Profile Picture,” here. There are a few more options for you to look through. You can set up your mobile device and you can look at statistics but that’s the basics of it.

Once you are done getting all your information in you can select, “View Page”. You can always go back and update it or change it at any time. Here’s the “Info” tab. It is the main page. It will be the place where all that “About” information will go once I fill it in. Right now it is very simple. It just has my website address. Your “Wall” is here. It is where my fans, once they start “liking” me, can leave me messages. I can make announcements here, I can link to blog posts and let all my fans know there is new information on my website. If I were a business, I could put some promotions here and share it with the fans of my business.

How to Access you Facebook Landing Page from your Account

You might wonder how to get back to your Page later. I’m going to click back to my standard Facebook account. When you want to find your Page again later you just log into your standard Facebook account. There is a little arrow in the upper right. Click it and it says, “use Facebook as a Page.” When you want to get back to your Page, just select “use Facebook as a Page” and it will show you all your Pages. You can see that I have two pages. You can see our new SEO Sister Page right here. You just select, “Switch” and it brings you right back. Keep in mind, this “Get Started” page is something only you can see. When your fans click the Page, they wont’ see this, “Get Started.” They will go directly to your “Wall” or your “Info” page, depending on how you set it up.

That’s about it. That is all there is to setting up a Facebook Page for your small business or your website.

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